Tax Categories

Tax Categories classify your products for tax purposes.

Tax Categories are a helpful way to categorize your tax rates based upon the type of products being sold.

Jurisdictions may have different tax rates for different types of goods and services. The taxCategory object is a convenient way to help define the types of products you're selling for accounting and collection.

Tax Categories are a static list of common product types, from Clothing & Footware to SaaS.

They are optional. You can add taxes to your objects without formally using a tax category.

The tax category object

Let's take a look at a full taxCategory object:

  "id": "taxCategory_1b1d13e464164224b6fb72b9ae4c499a",
  "name": "General - Electronically Supplied Services",
  "description": "Any electronically supplied good or service.\n"

id: string Unique identifier for the object. Auto-generated by Sphere upon creation.

name: string The name of the tax category for your reference. Hidden from customers. Max length (500).

description: string Describes your tax category. Hidden from customers. Max length (500).